Natural, Beachy Senior Photos

So my first job in photography was 16 years ago (wait…what?!) when I worked as the assistant to a locally well-known photographer. She was THE woman to see for senior portraits and I had a blast setting up her cameras, fixing the seniors hair and clothes, etc. It was actually super useful because on the back end when I showed the families their images, I was able to see why seniors and their parents chose the ones they did. Flash forward a decade and a half and it’s sort of surreal to be taking senior portraits. But, in a good way. On a grey day on the beach in La Jolla, I think I managed to capture Abbie’s quiet strength, her beauty, and her kindness. I also managed to avoid the awkward poses and we accomplished the natural, unposed look I strive for. Also, I wore my daughter on my back for this session…which frankly made me feel like a badass.






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