Balboa Park Ceremony and Mission Brewery Reception

Jen + Matt were married this March with a day full of intention and special nods to their life together. One thing that was seriously cool was that the beautiful secluded corner of Balboa Park where they held their ceremony happens to be right in the fight path of the San Diego airport. Instead of looking at that as a frustrating annoyance, they embraced it and made the best of it (great way to enter into a marriage!). They did that was by giving out bubbles to all of the guests. Then, the officiant let the guests know that instead of shouting over the planes, he encouraged everyone to blow bubbles as they passed overhead. So every 5 minutes, a plane would fly over and the ceremony would pause, as the guests smiled and blew bubbles. It filled the air with thousands of sweet bubbles (which made for some magical photos) and gave the couple a moment to breathe deeply and soak in their ceremony.  I seriously LOVED that.  Their sweet dog Spencer was a part of the ceremony (and adorably slept through half of it). Jen + Matt built in lots of time for us to take romantics of them, which allowed us to run over to a cactus garden and the photos that resulted are beautiful. Finally, their reception was held at Mission Brewery, which is housed in the old Wonderbread factory in downtown San Diego. Thanks for letting me capture your day, Jen + Matt. Love and light, Kristen








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