Carmel-by-the-Sea Bohemian Backyard Vow Renewal

Ten years after they eloped, this beautiful couple had a vow renewal in their Carmel-by-the-Sea backyard with their FIVE gorgeous children and their loved ones present.

Their backyard was a Free People dream come true. Hand dyed linen napkins, macrame plant hangers, an insane live floral altar, and gorgeous bright/eclectic florals all made by Ashley from Mountains to the Sea Co.  I particularly loved the “kids” table which was bohemian rugs and poufs and pillows.

They flew in their officiant from their elopement, who absolutely killed it with a sweet and meaningful ceremony. If you are a parent, you will totally love the way the littlest one refused to wear his suit, and then wouldn’t let go of mom’s hand during their kiss.  It was the cutest! And it’s always these slight things that go “wrong” that make a day special.

I don’t always mention the food but it was next level, so definitely call Eat, Drink, Be Merry Catering Co. because INSANE.

Congratulations, R+M!

(Scroll to bottom for the wild reason I am so proud of these photos).


The craziest part of this for me was that they hired me that morning after their photog had an emergency! I told them initially I couldn’t shoot it because I wouldn’t be able to find childcare for my daughter on such short notice, so they said to bring her along. It was seriously the most difficult shoot I have done. With my 1.5 year old daughter constantly needing my attention and supervision and it being super bright and harsh lighting, but the pics turned out stunning. And |’m proud of how good they are because it was a challenge.  But I just felt like if you are married ten years and have five children, you deserve beautiful pics of that celebration. And I’m glad I was able to give them that. Still, never again (at least not until she’s like 9!?!). Haha.






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