Firefighter proposes on a Big Sur cliff

Paul contacted me about photographing his proposal on a cliff in Big Sur. This story has a great ending but HOLY hell it was terrifying as it happened.

He had seen photos of a ceremony I shot at this one unmarked turnoff and wanted to propose there. So I told him where it was. Since there is no cell service in Big Sur it’s a big deal to describe exactly how to get somewhere on an unmarked path. Anyways, after many back and forths he knew exactly where to go. I arrived thirty minutes early, all good, got my cameras set up, and all of the sudden five minutes before they will arrive…the officiant who had officiated the wedding I shot there shows up with ANOTHER bride and groom! What are the odds on a Wednesday six months later he has another ceremony there at the same time of day! GAH! Mind you this is a middle of nowhere spot. But I guess he likes it and uses it often! So my mind is racing…HOW do I tell Paul his spot is taken!?! I decide hiding in plain site is my best bet. So over walks Paul and Alex and I just nonchalantly address him, “Oh hey guys, that path over there has a wedding happening… I just got kicked out, but yeah this path over here is open.” AND she takes the bait! She goes, “Oh okay, let’s go over here.” haha. I was freaking out inside. SO I then follow them and capture it all. I am nervous and stressed just thinking about it! Haha. So glad she didn’t suspect anything and Paul pulled off the perfect proposal!






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