Big Sur Proposal at Pfeiffer Beach

C + B, from Reno, Nevada, returned to a spot (Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur) they had great memories from on their last vacation, this time with their two pups (Huck + Finn, so cute!) in tow. But this time, C surprised her with a ring in an engraved wooden box. When I say it was a pleasure to be around this amount of happiness on a random Friday night, I truly mean it. It’s crazy because this stranger found me on the Internet (thank you, Insta!) and they live somewhere I have never been, but by the end of the hour I am so connected to them every time…just wishing the best for them and unbelievably happy for them. I also feel so renewed with love myself. We all know marriage isn’t easy, but I truly think it’s a privilege to have a partner to go through life with, and seeing people this damn giddy is an honor.






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