How to Propose at Post Ranch Inn

Post Ranch Inn is one of the top hotels in the world, let alone Big Sur. It’s romantic AF, and you can’t go wrong. Here are some tips I use to help plan and capture proposals for guests of Post Ranch Inn as a wedding, elopement and proposal photographer in Big Sur and Carmel.

Book early. With only forty rooms, it fills up fast and it’s pricy, so start saving and book early (think 9 months in advance).

Choose any time of day. All that talk about golden hour is null and void at Post Ranch. Gorgeous trees and redwoods around the property mean I can find great light all day long.

Consider a spot outside the box. The architecture is insane. Most rooms are freestanding treehouses or gnome like homes built into the cliffside. There are panoramic views everywhere. If you get a cool room, you could always propose on the steps or balcony.

Finally, call me! Or email me. I would love to capture the perfect moment for you. Scroll down on my site to leave me a message. Cheers!






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