Sunset Picnic Proposal in Big Sur

Leading up to Eden’s proposal, it rained for three days straight..and it was the first rain I had honestly seen since moving here in May! He had a cliffside picnic in Big Sur planned for his proposal and I was totally stressing. I figured it would start raining or be too cold and windy and she would ask to leave. Then that afternoon it cleared up and was absolutely perfect weather! They had their picnic, and when he saw me walking down the trail he quickly got on one knee…I was so far away still so I started sprinting to get closer! Haha. He definitely helped me get a quick workout in…but I got the shot! And he got his “Yes!” Truly a fun and sweet couple and I hope these Texans have a long and happy life together!

In Kathryn’s words, “Kristen made our (surprise) engagement photos SO fun and was so willing to bring us into the process of her own creativity while letting us contribute some hopes and ideas. She made us feel so special, like we were best friends and she was so excited for us. Thank you for incredible photos that will allow us to recall such sweet memories for a lifetime. Also, when someone says, give me two weeks and they come back with your product in two days, why would you not choose them?!? I would have waited a month.”






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