Christmas time San Francisco Elopement Planned in Weeks

Finally blogging this beautiful Christmas-time San Francisco wedding slash elopement! This was super fun for me because I shot M+K’s proposal in late October and then a few weeks later they decided to get married immediately! They did things RIGHT by making their whirlwind day super intentional. They had their immediate family and each had their dearest friend by their side, they got married in the church she was raised in, and they served their favorite foods in her childhood home. The day was also very much about their love and they didn’t worry about the things the details…like how M made her bouquet with her mom that morning using flowers her neighbor had just randomly dropped off in congratulations…SO laid back, her hubby is very lucky. 🙂 All in all, it was so special to me to see this proposal and then their intimate city wedding so soon after. I’m excited to follow these two and see where their adventurous spirits and spontaneous natures take them!






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